Specialized in video
Conci stands for 'Concerning Cinematography'. We help brands, media companies and agencies connect with their target audience by creating engaging, unique and visually stunning video's.
Focus on emotion
There is a popular saying: ``People will remember your stories before they will remember your pitch.`` It's important to redefine our communication to stories that feel real and authentic.
We are one
The core team of Conci got created in 2014. For achieving great results in challenging projects, having a well oiled machine as a team is crucial. We've travelled with our gear from New York to Paris, shot countless of commercials and continiously motivate eachother to step up our game. In 2018 we created 'Belgian Video Creators', the largest communication platform in Belgium for video professionals. This gave us the fundamentals to expand our collaboration with the more motivated, passionated and talented freelancers.
No compromises on cinematic image
We work with the finest gear on the market: For design, details and architecture we work with an Edelkrone slider. This gives us the opportunity to capture product close-ups in a smooth, pre-defined way. For our high-end productions we shoot with a Canon C500II, which is seen as Canon's flagship video camera. It captures 6K RAW resolution and one of the finest picture qualities one can find in a camera. Summarized: we simply don't do any compromises on achieving a cinematic image.
Be interesting
Our ``Why`` is perfectly summarized in a quote by Luke Sullivan: ``We can't buy people's attention anymore. We can't keep interrupting all the stuff people are interested in. We have to become the stuff they're interested in. We have to become so stinkin' interesting that people actually put down what they're doing to come over, lean in, and see what we're all about.``