Roel De Cock

Hello! I’m Roel. A young and highly motivated, innovative filmmaker.

I’ve been passionate about filmmaking since I was eleven years old. After winning a film competition in Austria and completing my film studies in the Prague Film School, I started working as motion designer in Belgium.

After practising the concepts of composition, design and animation, I decided to become a freelancer: Cinematograpy and editing were my crafts of specialization, I worked for different media houses and created content for multiple television stations. In 2016 I decided to work directly for my clients: Conci got created.

Conci stands for ‘Concerning Cinematography’. It’s a young and innovative content creation agency based in Leuven and Amsterdam. Conci focuses on capturing the soul and personality of a company into visuals.

Since our creation we’ve shot commercial videos from New York to Kigali, from Reykjavik to Dubai. To realize these ambitious projects I don’t work alone: Conci relies on a teamwork of talented filmmakers. Since early 2012 I work together with Amco Mertens for cinematography, Alex Spildooren for post-production and many others. With more than 5 years of experience of working together we achieve high-end productions and tackle the most difficult challenges.

We enjoy the art of storytelling, it’s such a engaging way to put ideas in the world. Like Steve Jobs used to say “The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come.” I believe traditional marketing has to go a step further, today we have to become a storyteller, connect and engage our audience.

Aside from Conci I am co-founder of Belgian Video Creators, the largest Belgian filmmakers community. And Visual Okapi, a group of eight talented filmmakers aiding each other in creative visual productions.

I love taking new challenges and taking your corporate visuals to a higher level!

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