It's about the stories you tell, the relationships you create.

Conci stands for ‘Concerning Cinematography‘. We are a fresh, innovate content creation agency. We help brands, media companies and companies connect with their target audience by creating engaging, unique and visually stunning video’s and photography wich are fun, that add something to someone's life. Which are useful, entertaining and beautiful.


“We can’t buy people’s attention anymore. We can’t keep interrupting all the stuff people are interested in; We have to become the stuff they’re interested in. We have to become so stinkin’ interesting that people actually put down what the’re doing to come over, lean in, and see what we’re all about”
quote by Luke Sullivan


By standing for three important values: Firstly by creating content that evokes human emotion, secondly by using innovative and modern equipment and last but not least by offering a service to our clients which surpasses their expectations.


We are active both in Brussels, Belgium and Amsterdam, Netherlands. We offer our services worldwide. We've shot commercial projects from New York to Kampala, from Reykjavik to Dubai.