“We live horses!” Philippaerts rebranded

Philippaerts stands out as a symbol of quality for horses. The family trains and takes care for their horses as top-level athletes. It all started with Ludo Phillipaerts winning the world championchip for children in 1970. Since then he kept himself high in the prizes, winning serveral competitions and booking top results on the olympics.

Since shortly Ludo has taken a step back and his four sons are following him in his steps: Olivier, Nicola, Thibault and Anthony. The family stables in the countryside of Meeuwen-Gruitrode are thriving once again with passion and talent. And this goes complete with a rebranding in a new logo, website and visual style.

Professionalism, love for the horses and the family feeling were central in creating the visuals. Philippaerts wanted to have a dynamic, vivid website so we opted to shoot six video’s which would be spread across the website. We shot during two full days at Philippaerts and are very pleased to share the result, which you can find at www.philippaerts.be