From New York to the Amalfi coast, the story behind Tribù’s design

Exclusive, modern outdoor furniture: this is the field of distinction of Belgian design house Tribù. In the early nineties, Tribù pionereed with the philosophy that the terrace and garden should be seen as extensions of the house. Twenty years later, the family-run design house has grown to become an internationally acclaimed brand. Tribù exports in more than 60 countries and is a well recognized name within their industry.

“The art of leisure” has always been the central philosophy for Tribù. In order to create the collections Tribù works together with designers who understand the their style: simple lines with a unique sense of detail.

In the spring of 2017 we discussed an interesting theme together with the Tribù marketing theme: “How can we tell the story of our products?” How can we engage our audience and share them the question behind the Tribù collections? How the design of the chair got form? Why the choice of certain materials? Who is the face behind the product?

To answer these questions we travelled across the world to capture the stories of these acclaimed designers. In the Amalfi Coast we met up with Piergiorgio Cazzaniga with his design of the CTR, a chair with an “embarcing” design. The inspiration for this piece he got from his childhood memories in an old fisherstown, where we shot the video. In contradiction we travelled to New York and met up with Yabu Pushelberg, who used playful but minimalistic lines to create the Nodi chair. In total we realized 5 “Collection Portraits” in 2017, you can view the full series on