Tajawal video reached over 10 million views!

During the spring of 2016 I got contacted by Aly Seifelnasr, A talented Egyptian filmmaker and old friend. We used to study during the filmmaking program in Prague, since then Aly had the chance to move to Dubai and work as a senior producer for J. Walther Thompson. In JWT Dubai he has the opportunity to lead ambitious projects and work together with inspiring and talented people within the world of advertisement and marketing.

The project Aly contacted me for was for an important client, Tajawal. Tajawal is a travel agency; they organize travel trips, flights and hotels. For Tajawal it was essential to promote their European destinations, like Paris and. Because of the diversity of locations which would be shot in Europe, and because he was familiair with my cinematography, Aly contacted me to shoot this project. It didn’t take long for us to agree, prepare and head on to Europe to shoot this beauty.

The project turned out to be very successfull. JWT created 17 videos with the captured footage. The key video got over 10.000.000 views in 2 months time:

We travelled to Paris, Rome, Istanbul, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Brussels over a period of two weeks and made astonishing shots in each destination. To implement the brand identity we produced ‘Tajawal’-balloons: rather large balloons displaying the Tajawal company logo. In each city we asked inhabitants, tourists, people … to hold the balloon and let it fly up in the air. Combining all the footage of each city it provided a dynamic, diverse and multicultural project.

A personal note from me here, this project has been an amazing experience. Rome and Istanbul are more than inspiring cities to shoot in. We made long days, got up at 5 AM to get ready for the sunrise and shoot till 10 PM to catch the sunset. But it was all more than worth it. I’ve had the opportunity to work together with incredible creative and talented. I would like to thank following people in particular:

Creative Director Anas Seraj
Art Director Mahmoud
Production has been done by Aly, Hassan and Paul
And so more other people that helped their hand with this project.
Note: This video is produced by J. Walter Thompson. Conci was solely responsible for the cinematography and the rough cut of this project.